Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My first Maine Accident

I got back from Cinci yesterday..On the way back, I drove through this horrible snow storm..It kept snowing heavily for about 3 hours..After I got off the airline to 192, I thought to myself, "Wow, I survived!" I guess I jinxed myself because a few minutes later, my car started heading to the side, I knew if I hit the break it was going to flip, so I turned it the other way..In a split second, I thought that I had it under control. Then I lost it..It started going right and left, and I still didn't hit the breaks. Then I chose my crashing site, I was lucky that there were no valley or bridge!! I crashed into a ditch and some rocks and trees!! I said a little prayer just in case I had to die.. All this happened in a second or two!!! Then, after the silence came, I looked around, and everything was fine! And I thought," Wo, cool!!!" Then, I thought, this is a Jeep, I could probably make my way out, but I was over confident, the wheels kept on spinning to no avail! Then heaven sent me a woman in a car, and a guy in a truck..The woman provided the rope, and the guy pulled me out of the ditch..I was very grateful, but I didn't get their names! Any ways, I finally made it home. I thanked God I didn't flip over, or got hurt, and that there are still good people out there!!

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