Friday, March 09, 2007

The Blonde Hair

I was cleaning a small olive dish, my Ex-Ex-Ex-girlfriend Kirsten got me from France, and I found a blonde hair! It was in the little jar where you throw the seeds! In a flash I remembered when she gave it to me, how I was really excited to have it..But, also I wondered who that hair belonged to?!! Was it Kirsten's, Carol's, or Jenn's..I couldn't really tell! It was amazing how this little hair threw me in a world of memories: some passionate ones full with happiness and excitement; and some stormy with arguments and insecurities! I don't regret any of those memories. They are part of me, and they helped shape the man I am! And as I look into the future, I will always treasure every one of them, and look forward to making new ones!!

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