Sunday, October 24, 2010

Passing Shower

I bought this book from Marden's for 3 dollars. It is a collection of photos about "Work". The pictures are great. This is of a goat herder from Syria. It brought childhood memories to me. We used to visit my aunt in Syria during summer break. She had a simple but hard life. She had a pinkish brown goat that she used to milk in the morning. I know some people dislike the taste of goat milk, but the whole experience of milking, then heating the milk, with a thick cream layer on top, was magical to my childhood eye. A young herder would come to the village and pass by the houses, then he takes their goats to the desert where they feed on wild bushes.
In this picture, the sun is trying to break through, while a light shower is still passing over this herder and his children..