Sunday, March 18, 2007

Little boy Looking outside

My paintings are usualy less than 12 by 16, then I frame them to 16 by 20..But every now and then I do larger scale ones, and those are the better! Unfortunately, I haven't showed them or framed them, because the bigger they are, the more expensive the frame is! This is 20 by 28 inches! It's taking some time, especially because of the details on the boy's shirt.. But I like it so far! There is something mysterious about it...Art is not just an imitation of reality! Goldmund says that the better artist is the one who captures the mystery and the mood of a painting, and make other people wonder. And that's who I strive to be!!


Lycanthropy said...

walla the days of playing fifa were good days, no worries.

Rabea said...

I still play it..I posted the virtual me earlier..And I am scoring a lot!!!

Kristy Sprague said...

I love this it feels so kind and innocent. I like your page as well. You have a great gift.