Friday, July 24, 2015

Bucks Harbor

This was started on a cool summer morning at Bucks Harbor.. I was on my way home to Portland and debated if I should paint or get on the road. I'm glad I stayed. As always it was liberating. It's funny, I always have to fight this inner demon that keeps telling me to quit even before I start..

A lobsterman, joined me and we chatted a bit. His wife, he said, was an artist as well. He is a hard working man.. I went back home, eventually, and again I was debating on how to finish this or if I should trash it as it didn't look good. I decided to work on it. The boats kept on evolving as well as the sky, water......I like how it looks. I have to stop now and get ready for work.. As one good artist said, "The most important thing is faith! You have to believe in yourself and have faith that the painting will work, otherwise, it will just turn to garbage!"