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Only the Good Die Young..or from CANCER!!

One of the oncologists (Cancer doctors) in Cincinnati used to tell me that he used to kick his dog every morning before going to work!! When I asked him why, he answered," If you are a good person, you're going to get cancer!! Have you ever seen a mean person with cancer?"

Today, I saw this very nice old lady at the office. She is nice, cute, very well mannered, and so pleasant! She had just retired a year ago, but shortly afterwards she was diagnosed with lymphoma. I am optimistic about her recovery, but we just found a new lesion in her brain!! After I saw her today, I came back to my desk, and started crying, well, I wasn't screaming or anything, I just felt bad and I couldn't hold my tears!! I hope she's going to make it. If only people knew how hard it is for me to sit in their room and try to be strong and hopeful for them!!??!! Day after day, it gets harder and harder! To keep a smile on your face, and try to tell patients that they are going to be OK, when you know that they won't!! I don't lie or hide facts from them..I actually tell them everything! Bad news, good news, side effects, labs...etc! But, I have to give them hope and say things are going to be OK!

A lebanese saying goes like this,"How hard it is to live if we did not have hope!"

By the way, the previous post has pictures of my family, and my office co-workers!!

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My first blog

Actually this is my second blog. I lost the first one, after I spent 30 minutes, because of a technical internet error!!! I am going to post some paintings, and I'll write later.