Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lebanese Drama

Just a quick word on the Lebanese Darma..One of my friends chose one side over the other, and it ended up with a huge battle of words on his blog..At this point of time, any one who sits back and looks from an outer angle will see that both sides are run by weird ideologies that only care about power and control...What we need is a fresh group of intellectuals who don't have any war history, no big family associations, and a spirit that says Lebanon only!!! However, this is a dream that will never happen as long as our youth are still breast fed with words, religion, and false pride!!! That's why I am here in the US, and why I am sad all the time, because day after day I am losing what makes me a Lebanese, and that is the fall of my poor beloved Lebanon!!


ripley said...

My name is Ameena Vizcarrondo,I am 8 years old.I love your art work You are so lucky to have 2 talents. A successful doctor and a painter.

Always remember where you came from and ALWAYS BE PROUD. People make fun of me, because I am Arabic and Puerto Rican. It used to bother me but my mom says it;s whats inside that counts.

I am sorry you are so far away from your family.

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