Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas is coming!

With Christmas coming in, everybody is busy trying to buy gifts and decorate their houses..It is a good time of year...This is the first Christmas that I spend by myself..Christmas is not the same without your special ones..A lot of people don't know the importance of family..They take it for granted!! I miss my mom, my dad, my brother and sister..They are the ones I love most, and the ones that have always supported me, and I always supported them... I wish I could just see them for a few days...I also miss being with a person that I love and that loves me...But this is the price to pay for ambitions and dreams...I just have to keep going and remember that other people have worse situations than mine..There are a lot of people who lost their loved ones for cancer, war, or hunger..To those people I pray to God to give them strength and surround them with loving friends...Holidays are not about gifts and decorations..It's about love...

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