Saturday, December 29, 2012

Maine Winter

My last New Year's resolution fell short..I wanted to do 52 paintings! I had a lot of dramatic changes in my life this year, that I am surprised I am still painting! When I was a boy, my dad always told me, "Don't try to defy the sea! The sea is always stronger than you!" I grew up on the mediterranean, and I started going swimming there since I was 10. I always swam in the wild waves, and got crashed on the rocks now and then..Maine's sea shore is very similar to where I grew up..I wouldn't dare to swim in this weather though! The painting reveals a cold snowy day, but you still see color between the gray! This is where Winslow Homer used to paint, and I do feel that I have some of his influence in this painting!

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Unknown said...

This picture truly captures the snowy,coldness of the last snowstorm! Lovely!