Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is from a picture I took while driving home from Work in Machias..I have painted the same view a few times before. I started with transparent washes, and everything was going great. Then the foreground gave me some trouble. I glazed the foreground several times trying to achieve the right tone and color, but I ended up with a muddy look. A piece of advise: Learn to stop!! I think I should have stopped when everythng was looking good. It still looks OK I think!!


Cheri Walton said...

I haven't checked your blog lately and I'm blown away.......some of your work is absolutely gorgeous. I especially like the skyline paintings, particularly the one where you made it in morning light. The baby's pictures are adorable, and you certainly got his likeness........congratulations.

Rabea said...

Hi Cheri,
Yes, life has changed! I am expecting my new baby any day now. I will have 2 boys (in God's Will). The baby's face keeps changing, one month it is thin, the next it is chubby, some months it is round, others it becomes long..One thing that doesn't change is personality! He has such an adorable personality that fills me with love. When I get sometime, I have an idea for a new painting of him. I like your new Building painting. Keep in touch.