Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lori's 2

This is a house of one of my friends. She wanted me to do the first painting according to her specifications. You can check that in one of my earlier postings. Yesterday, I wanted to do my own interpretation. I wanted to convey an early sunset or sunrise mood. You can judge which interpretation is better. Again, I mostly used the three primaries and no browns or blacks.


LeafTrace said...

Hello I just happened upon your blog. I like the second version! Much more romantic. I know from my mother's work that deciding on an approach to a commissioned work can be a difficult call! I know nothing about painting but the second one has a Wyeth feel. Good job!

Rabea said...

Thanks a lot. I like to paint to express myself without limitations. I like to do comissions though, because they help me train and dicipline myself.