Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Paintings

I finished the painting of Findlay Flowers, but I really hate it..I like the Dilsboro farms better..For some reason, it is still hard for me to paint flowers!!!It's frustrating!!!But I did it on Strathmore paper, which sometimes is not good to handle!! May be I'll try it again on better paper!


Emma said...

I like your painting of the flowers. I also checked out the paintings you did of the models last week. You did a great job. I recognize everyone, and the technique looks good, too. You are certainly gaining a lot of skill with watercolor.

Rabea said...

Thanks a lot, Emma..It really means a lot to me, especially from you..I love your Epping road series..Although I cannot be good at everything, I really wish I could do pastels like that!!