Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cruise Around Eastport

I was invited yesterday to a cruise around Eastport. I went earlier, and did a watercolor painting on the shore with my fellow gallery member, Lisa. She did a nice oil painting, and I was struggling against time and change in light and tide. I was sitting on the pebbles trying to capture the clouds and the sunlight. It was very tideous. The sun kept on hiding between the clouds, and then the tide came in and I had to change my spot. It was also very cold, that I had to put on a sweater I brought. I wasn't completely satisfied with what I did, but to be out and away from the daily rush, was worth it.

Then I went on the boat. It was very nice. I met some new people. And although it was freezing cold, I enjoyed the calm sunset, the company of pleasant people, and the dark blue water. I also saw for the first time a whale jumping, and porpoises (whuch I guess are from the dolphin family), follow our boat. I am posting some of the pictures. It was fun, and I really thank Nima for inviting me over.


Lycanthropy said...

walla shaat el naa3mee' ahla ya rabi3.

Rabea said...

Yes, but not after the oil spill, the Israeli Bastards!!